2023-02-20 16:54:18


with Zenzero & Unos Segundos

On a chilly winter Sunday, we gathered at the Soilbaker Showroom on Jeongdong-gil for a colorful culinary experience that expanded our taste buds.

In this worshop of Soil to Soul, we were joined by the gelateria Zenzero, which specializes in capturing the essence of seasonal ingredients, and Unos Segundos, a Spanish olive oil expert. We started with a tasting of five extra-virgin olive oils, followed by a pairing of Zenzero's dense, seasonal gelato with olive oil.

We were presented with three types of olive oils and from two types of surprise oils from Melgarejo.

Melgarejo is a traditional olive oil producer located in Jaen, Spain. Melgarejo's approach is to highlight the flavor of the olive fruit itself, allowing the character of each variety to shine through, while also capturing the hot and dry southern climate of their region to preserve the volume that extra virgin olive oil can have.

Oilve oil tasting / Blooming Soil shot cupCoupe L plate 23

e had the chance to taste and compare the flavors and aromas of different olive oils, each with its own unique spicy, crisp, or pungent characteristics, depending on the variety and origin.

This reminded us of how carefully selected and fresh olive oil can enrich the flavor of food. 

Blooming Soil Bowl L / Sum Plate 20 – Forest 

AIRING 0: Warm Silken Tofu and Olive Oil

To prepare for the upcoming cold gelato courses, Kwon Jeong-hye, the founder of Zenzore, made a thoughtful selection to warm our stomachs. The combination of savory tofu and green olive oil was a great start to the tasting.

Sum Plate 24 – Snow White

PAIRING 1: Seasonal Ingredients - Persimmon, Radish, Celery, Herring, and Gorgonzola Cheese Gelato with Melgarejo Picual

The first gelato pairing course featured a delightful mix of seasonal vegetables, such as persimmon, radish, and celery, accompanied by a rich and creamy Gorgonzola cheese gelato. We enjoyed the gelato in various ways, from dipping it like fondue to topping it on the vegetables. Some people were surprised by the Herring pairing, but the combination turned out to be a surprisingly delectable one.

Crayon Plate 22


PAIRING 2: Open Sandwich - Bread, Cheese, Salami, Autumn Tomatoes, and Red Cabbage Gelato with Melgarejo Composicion. 

This fun and creative pairing was served with a premium olive oil that perfectly complemented the flavors of the dish.

Coupe Salad Bowl

PAIRING 3: Kale and Codfish Gelato with Melgarejo Hojiblanca

Who knew that gelato could be paired with fish? It was a challenging and interesting dish that required a long and complex process of carefully cleaning and preparing fresh seasonal cod, and creating a rich stock over a long period of time. Only by going through this difficult and lengthy process could we produce this unique and enjoyable dish. This unique menu item has a savory and rich flavor, accompanied by a side of potato mousse. Such creative menu items are rare and precious, reflecting the passion and curiosity of our chefs.

Coupe Bowl LStone Oval Plate

PAIRING 4: Dessert - Chestnut Gelato, Pear Vanilla Sorbet with Surprise Oil

Finally, we enjoyed the gelato as dessert! We served chestnut gelato and pear vanilla sorbet with hot Pu-erh tea.

We are grateful to Kwon Jeong-hye, founder of Zenzero, and Kwak Ji-won, founder of Unos Segundos, for their beautiful and innovative pairings that transcended boundaries, our eyes and taste buds thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

As Kwon Jeong-hye mentioned, "It was a time that embodied respect for food, art, and professionalism." We sincerely thank everyone who walked through the cold weather to join us and made this beautiful time together.