Cesta x Soilbaker LIST

Cesta - Inspired by interwoven food cultures around the world

Cesta was open in Hannam-dong area, Seoul in May, 2021 by Chef Kim Se-kyung, who is also the owner of HUE135, the dry aged steak house in Hannam. He believes that food connects people across generations, countries and cultures. With various working experience in Michelin restaurants in the US and Europe, Chef Kim has gained his own overall style and a unique knowledge of food, ingredients, flavoring.

Cesta, which means ‘basket’ in Latin, implies Chef Kim’s vision to harmonize things in one place - the dining space and crockery, charcoal-fire grilled dishes, fresh seasonal ingredients as well as delicate wine. And it does.

I was invited to Cesta before it's officially open.  It's located at the quiet place in the busy Hannam area. The moment I walk into Cesta, I immediately noticed the baskets on the ceiling - the light shining through the gaps in the baskets give it modern and sophisticated tone and the ambiance. Here, guests can enjoy starters such as charred kale salad, scallop carpaccio with our Stonewhite Plates; crab pan con tomate and chicken liver plate with our Ato Plates; soy-lime glazed short-rib and grilled lobster with our Oval Steak Plates and Jeju Collection, etc.

Why Soilbaker?

"Soilbaker is definitely my favourite ceramics brand, their plates are durable, which is very important  especially when it comes to restaurant use - they are sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of a busy restaurant; meanwhile they are just so simple and minimal - help to elevate all the dishes on my menu and add more character to the overall image."

Why Coupe half plates as side plates?

"Coupe plate is just minimal and incredibly beautiful. They seem to be the kind of tableware that'll never go out of style - simple enough to let the food stand out, but detailed enough to warrant a second look.  Apart from the gorgeous look, they're also lightweight but yet sturdy, it's just perfect in every way."