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About Soilbaker


Soilbaker is a Korean handmade ceramic brand founded in 2015, and these days it has exploded in popularity, working with famous restaurants all around the world such as Jeju noodle bar, Atoboy, Roka Dubai and Hue135 . The headquarter of Soilbaker is in Seoul and the production is in Yeoju, a city acknowledged as ceramic capital in South Korea, where the history of ceramics could go back a thousand years.


HyeRin Yang, the creator of Soilbaker, is graduated from Parsons School of Design. And after that, driven by her passion for gourmet food, she went to study in ICE (Institute Of Culinary Education) in NYC. Being an excellent ceramic artist and making stunning tableware collections has always been a dream to her. She loves food, loves travel, loves creating, and every little thing that makes life worth living. As a matter of fact, lots of her ideas are from those inspiring little moments in daily life that brings her comfort and joy.


HyeRin’s appreciation for life and extensive life experiences enables her a unique perspective for ceramic design. She conveys her lifestyle philosophy through different materials and forms, including a wide range of soil, such as white/brown porcelain, dark celandon as well as earthenware, and extensive range of glaze. Most of her product lines (e.g., Jeju and Sando) are minimal, effortlessly pared back and contemporary. Also sometimes you can see her appreciation for Korean heritage in her amazing works (e.g., Boouk)


Before a Soilbaker product comes out on the market, hundreds of experiments will be conducted to test its usability. Soilbaker is not only about ceramic aesthetics, the function and usability of the plates/bowls/mugs for chefs and consumers is same important to Soilbaker. HyeRin believes only when aesthetics meets practical function, will she put her work into production.



Soilbaker is very bold to utilize different types of clay such as white porcelain, earthenware and Sanbekto. Sanbekto is a mix of several clay, which could be used to make more solid ceramic pieces and enable them a natural look with black spots. For techniques, Soilbaker mainly uses four methods – wheel throwing, solid casting, pressure casting and roller machine. Roller machine is a method to mold the body, which is mainly used for the mass production of rotating bodies such as plates, bowls and mugs.  It is stretched into the mold with a high speed rotating metal roller. Also, Soilbaker utilizes different glazes to create the most ideal products. For example, Soilbaker spent 8 month to develope signature white glaze. They created semi-matte white glaze, which not only allows food focus but also reduces the problmes for matte glaze plates like scratches from cutlery.