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All of our tableware is handcrafted with materials from nature. Therefore, some of their natural characteristics might appear 

in our ceramic pieces and lead to slight natural variations. This is what we celebrate and reminds us of the 

authenticity of our products. We hope you take it as a feature and enjoy as a personality.

Black iron dots

Soilbaker’s ceramics are made with soil from nature. When soil that contains a lot of iron is utilized, 

small dark dots (iron powder) may occur in the pottery baking process. 

This is a phenomenon that is caused by the soil material itself and does not affect the use. 

Red marks 

The slight red colour on the edge of the glaze comes from the clay soil itself due to the temperature of the kiln. 

Please take it as a natural characteristcs. 

Glaze Flow 

Occasionally, uneven color areas may appear when the glaze naturally drips due to the flow of glaze during firing and melting.The look of the glaze is also a charm unique to each ceramic piece.

Brush marks 

At Soilbaker, human hands are always involved during the manufacturing process

- two tone, layering and inlay works are all manually applied. Therefore, brush marks and colors may vary.

Mold Mouth 

The round mark on the bottom of the bowl is caused by mold mouth - the part where the slip is poured into the mold by pressure molding.Due to the manufacturing process, 

it can be left as grooves such as dents and streaks formed by pouring liquified clay.

Supporting heel silhouette 

Large or rectangular bowls are added with a small heel on the bottom to prevent the bottom surface from sagging.

The small heel silhouette may appear inside the bowl, but this is a natural phenomenon in the manufacturing process.

Scratch marks & stains 

An interesting fact is that the ceramic glaze is stronger than soft metals. But still we recommend using wood cutlery to avoid cutlery traces

and wash your dishes right away after using them to avoid coffee/tea stains. When the stains appear - all it takes is some baking soda.

The gentle abrasion of the baking soda will get rid of stains. 

Oven use

Soilbaker is widely recognized for its ceramics’ durability and is preferred by chefs all over the world. 

Each piece is carefully inspected to ensure that it lives up to our high standards.we do not recommend for oven use because it may cause cracks in your ceramics.

Microwave and dishwasher use

Our ceramic pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe. 

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