2020-08-04 19:32:58

Our Story of Jeju Line, with Jeju Noodle Bar.

As many of you may already know, Jeju is a line collaborated with the Michelin-starred restaurant, Jeju Noodle Bar in New York. It’s one of our signature lines and has been very popular since the first day it was launched. One of the reasons that Jeju is deeply loved by our customers and chefs is its stackable feature, allowing to save a lot of room in kitchen cabinet and making it easier to store in limited spaces.


I’ve known Douglas Kim, the chef of Jeju Noodle Bar for a long time. I was working in a design company back then but due to my passion for art of cuisine, I still wanted to learn cooking properly. Chef Kim gave me a lot of detailed instructions and help and thanks to him, I ended up in ICE (Institute of Culinary Education). When he was later planning for the open of Jeju Noodle Bar, he offered me the chance to design dishware, bowls and cutlery for him.  Chef Kim shared his ideas gained from his cooking and serving experiences, like how nice it would be if there’s a side bowl for the guests to discard the olive pits or chicken bones; or how convenient it would be if the dishware takes less space in the kitchen.


I was very inspired from the conversations with Chef Kim and with respect and gratitude, I made Jeju line. The simple and gentle look allows you to feel the soil as it is, and the stackable feature allows to save a lot of space. Also, each piece is indeed durable and versatile. For instance, the condiment bowl is not only perfect for condiments or sauces, but also perfect to discard the olive pits when dining. In addition, it is the lid of Jeju rice/soup bowls, makes it easy to serve or store together. Chef Kim was very happy with Jeju line and keeps using it in the restaurant. I am grateful for his encouragement and trust.


This is the story of how Jeju line was born and I hope you enjoyed it. Looking forward to share more of our stories with you in the future!